Friday, December 31, 2010

Windy Day in Monterey

We had the perfect backdrop; greenery, ocean waters, hills, a blanket of overcast sky creating beautiful, soft, white light. 

But the wind was ferocious and took vengeance upon us for an unknown cause. 
{ Take 1 }
{ Take 43 }
{ Takes 87 and 102 }
{ Take 5,478 }
{ Take 470,355,038 }

Me: Sweater, Target. Pink shirt, DownEast Basics, Blue shirt, converse. Jeans, American Eagle. Boots, Uggs. Necklace, Vera Wang.

Sam: Plaid shirt, Target. Jeans, Express. Sweater, Abercrombie.

Posted by Kali

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  1. hey, bright side--- pictures may take forever, but you look cute and modely with your hair blowing in the wind.... i look like donald trump. haha.


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