Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fame and Fashion

It's amazing what fame can do.
(Okay, I guess it didn't do much for Mr. Radcliffe)
Totally thought it was Ratcliff, until I googled it just now.
Tell me: 
What do you think of her pixie cut?

I want it. 
I don't think I'm brave enough. 
Posted by Kali


  1. I love your long hair...but if anyone can pull off a pixie cut...I think you can! Go for it! (but only if you really want to! no pressure..lol)

  2. When I saw her hair at the grocery store I about freaked out. It ended up being a funny conversation between the checker and I. haha. Its adorable. Just remember if you go short, you may cry at times when you realize how long it takes to grow back. My sil has it this short, and she always looks so pretty, sassy and put together. I was tempted. I went short, but not THAT short. :)

  3. We could all look this stylish if we had a stylist, a make up & hair team, and unlimited supply of free clothing & accessories! And of course a never ending supply of money.

  4. i LOVE her new cut but i also loved her longer hair. she's just pretty all around. these pics rock, i love seeing how much they've changed since HP one.

  5. Hey, there! Returning the comment; thank you so much for traipsing in to Early to Rise!

    So, I'll start with the trio: love, love, love them. Grew up on Harry Potter, can't get enough of it all. Totally laughed at your comment regarding Daniel; he's still got some growing up to do...

    I'm going to back pedal a bit. Your bun modeled after Syd's tutorial turned out fantastic and I am so utterly jealous (I have a mane of untamable curls that refuse to be messed with). I agree that fashion is about pushing boundaries and while we do enjoy the comfort in our "safety blanket" hair day after day, you never know how vogue you could be if you keep that up.

    On that note, I would consider the pixie cut. From photos your hair seems to have the proper type for it and would lay well. The next question being upkeep -- do you mind having to put a little work in to your hair every day? Pixies need a bit of messing with not to mention trimming (and shaving the back of your neck. Manly? Oh yeah). I encourage you to consider it because I have several close girl friends that had long hair for years and were never truly happy with it (constantly cutting it into different styles, dying it every shade, et cetera) and when they finally chopped it all off -- ta daaa!

    So sorry this was so long, especially from a complete stranger. Hello, by the way, I'm Chelsea (: Looking forward to what you decide, even if it's just a different updo!

    Early to Rise

  6. hello! love it. wish i was brave enough. plus, i know on me it would look like a mom haircut. not a chic haircut. just too risky. especially since i am a mom. and pretty much everything i do involves combatting mom style.

  7. i love hp. i waited in the rain with my bff to see the midnight showing...i think i'm getting to old to do that but luckily there's only one more movie left...i can hold out till then. :)
    i love this pic you found!
    the pixie cut is definitely brave...i wouldn't do it...but for my own personal reasons. 1. my husband would murder his own face off 2. i cut my hair pretty short before and i looked like a gender confused mom when it was growing out, worse grow-out ever.

  8. I LOVE EMMA WATSON. I've always said if I could be any famous person's friend, it would be her. She just seems so sweet and chill. I absolutely love her pixie cut. BUT I do think it only works for certain face shapes... my face is too round for a pixie cut, for example.

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  9. I love her pixie cut, but don't think I could ever pull one off!


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