Friday, December 31, 2010

Windy Day in Monterey

We had the perfect backdrop; greenery, ocean waters, hills, a blanket of overcast sky creating beautiful, soft, white light. 

But the wind was ferocious and took vengeance upon us for an unknown cause. 
{ Take 1 }
{ Take 43 }
{ Takes 87 and 102 }
{ Take 5,478 }
{ Take 470,355,038 }

Me: Sweater, Target. Pink shirt, DownEast Basics, Blue shirt, converse. Jeans, American Eagle. Boots, Uggs. Necklace, Vera Wang.

Sam: Plaid shirt, Target. Jeans, Express. Sweater, Abercrombie.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Monterey- Day 1

So, I'm finally posting outfit pics. Here we are in front of our charming little hotel in...
 Monterey Bay!
The hubs has a four day basketball tournament here so I brought my sister, Sam, along to keep me company and help with the kiddos. They are napping right now and we are having fun with my third child, "Baby Nikon." 

We went to the aquarium today. I saw sharks. It was awesome. Harper learned to say fish. But it sounds like he's saying "sh**." We'll work on that.

Cardigan, Old Navy. Belt, Forever21. Plaid Button-up, Target. Jeans, American Eagle. Boots, Forever 21.
KnitCardigan, gift from my mother-in-law. Tank, Express. Jeans, American Eagle. Boots, Uggs.
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kali's Closet

Yeah, right. 

I wanted to be cool like Elaine and show you guys my closet. It's really small. Our bedroom has a Master's closet and a teensy-tiny one. Hubs got the Master's because he has about 50 times more clothes than I do. He also has over 120 pairs of shoes. They take up way too much space, so I have taken it upon myself to be an example to him, by being a minimalist. Although, he has taught me a lot about shopping.

I was one of those shoppers who bought anything, if it was a "good deal". I'd head straight for the clearance racks in every store. I can't tell you how many times I've bought something, just because it was super cheap, and then I'd hardly wear it. I fell in love with the price tag, not the item. Anthony is a quality buyer. And I'm getting there, too. Quality over quantity. You don't need a lot of clothes to come up with a great outfit.

What's in your closet?

 sweaters. hats. pjs. jeans.
dresses. skirts. long sleeves. short sleeves. tanks. belts.

closet gnome.

Must read: Shoppers on a 'Diet' Tame the Urge to Buy- NY Times
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fame and Fashion

It's amazing what fame can do.
(Okay, I guess it didn't do much for Mr. Radcliffe)
Totally thought it was Ratcliff, until I googled it just now.
Tell me: 
What do you think of her pixie cut?

I want it. 
I don't think I'm brave enough. 
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Smokin' Hot Deal @ American Eagle Outfitters!

A week after my 17th birthday, I moved to California to start college. First priority was to get a job. I interviewed all over town with the thought that nothing was beneath me. I even picked up an app at Mcdonald's. Eww. After a few weeks, I finally landed my dream job at American Eagle Outfitters! I literally jumped for joy, and almost screamed out loud after the manager said the job was mine. He was probably thinking what a wierdo. Why did I hire this spaz? 

Anyway, it was really fun until that manager, who I adored, left for bigger opportunities, and his replacement was a pot smoking 40 something. Ugh. 

Realizing I could make 10 times more as a waitress, I left too. But I still love the clothes! AE jeans are the only jeans I buy. AE caters to the trendy and those who love the classics; polos, cardigans, and button-ups. 

Now on to this Smokin' Hot Deal (but not pot smokin' hot...gross).
PLUS, all sweaters are buy one, get one 50% off.
PLUS, you can use coupon code 12432896 to get an additional 20% off your purchase! 
{thank you seriously, love you}
Here are some of my favorites:
AE men
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Handmade Beauties

My friend's wife, Jennifer Elizabeth, makes the most adorable accessories. From headbands, to wallets, to belts, to broaches. She even gets creative with the holidays. You should definitely check her out here and here. Believe me, she will not let you down. 

Here's a little taste of sweetness
Christmas shopping?
I don't know any girl who wouldn't want an original, handmade accessory from Jennifer's collection.
You can purchase items from her Etsy shop here.
Enjoy! <3

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