Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Smokin' Hot Deal @ American Eagle Outfitters!

A week after my 17th birthday, I moved to California to start college. First priority was to get a job. I interviewed all over town with the thought that nothing was beneath me. I even picked up an app at Mcdonald's. Eww. After a few weeks, I finally landed my dream job at American Eagle Outfitters! I literally jumped for joy, and almost screamed out loud after the manager said the job was mine. He was probably thinking what a wierdo. Why did I hire this spaz? 

Anyway, it was really fun until that manager, who I adored, left for bigger opportunities, and his replacement was a pot smoking 40 something. Ugh. 

Realizing I could make 10 times more as a waitress, I left too. But I still love the clothes! AE jeans are the only jeans I buy. AE caters to the trendy and those who love the classics; polos, cardigans, and button-ups. 

Now on to this Smokin' Hot Deal (but not pot smokin' hot...gross).
PLUS, all sweaters are buy one, get one 50% off.
PLUS, you can use coupon code 12432896 to get an additional 20% off your purchase! 
{thank you hip2save.com. seriously, love you}
Here are some of my favorites:
AE men
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  1. i love ae too. it was my go to in college too. i would have died to work there too!
    this is a great deal! too bad i'm prego...i guess i can hope for a good deal once i'm back to my hold self once this bambino pops out! :)


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