Monday, January 3, 2011

The Story of a Dress (it might be a love story)

Once upon a time, I found this gorgeous dress by Sangria at Dillard's. It was modest, my favorite color (Cosmo said green flatters brunettes), and the best part: it was marked from $90.00 down to $19.00.

On my ugly days, it made me feel pretty. On my fat days, it made me feel skinny.

Five years ago:

After a heart-wrenching break up with the man of my dreams, I decided to wear the green dress to church, and see if it would work it's magic, just one more time.

I was alone in the gym, setting up tables for Break the Fast, when he came in. He stared at me a long time. I pretended not to notice. Then he asked for a hug. I couldn't resist him. He couldn't resist me (or was it the dress?). I had butterflies in my stomach, my heart beat fast, and felt like it would soar out of my chest. The hug was magnetic ((amazing)).

That night, not only did we get back together, but we got engaged.

And here we are now with two sweet-crazy boys, that I couldn't imagine life without.

Too bad the dress couldn't hold out just a little bit longer though....
I hung it in the car on the way to the shoot to avoid wrinkling. When I went to put it on, the zipper ripped. We safety pinned her together, and I had to strategically avoid the camera on one side.

So, was the dress lucky or unlucky?
What do you think?
Photos by Jesica Allen


  1. you have TWINS?! first, you look waaaaay too young to have two babies and second, you look waaaay too good to have two babies. jeal.
    love this dress. it's almost impossible to find a modest dress, isn't it? i too heart green.

  2. Oh my are just too too adorable! What a sweet story. I just can't get over how cute you are...and you look way too yound to have a good way. By the way, they are precious too!

  3. Noooo! Save the dress! I'm amazed you had safety pins near by. So glad you got some gorgeous family pics wearing your magic dress! What a beautiful family! Definitely, lucky! Or better yet, blessed!

  4. What a sweet story. And hold on to that dress! Replace the zipper and save it for a daughter to find her own true love...
    alltumbledown: a modest attempt at style

  5. Lucky for sure! :) Your boys are incredibly sweet! :)

    P.S: I'm giving away a 2011 fashion tote with MiuMiu, YSL... etc illustrations... I thought you might be interested! ;)

  6. You, my sis and Nie Nie have a natural talent for blogging. I <3 u and miss you tons! I am sad that I didn't keep my "magic" red dress. Anthony is the one who's lucky! One lucky man! One gorgeous young Mama! Two adorable boys! <3 <3 <3

  7. a green dress that's lucky AND beautiful? save it. fix the zipper. totally worth it. or make a pillow out of it. (you think i'm joking?) but keep some part of it, because that story is way too great to just toss it like an unnecessary garment.
    p.s. great family photos, btw!

  8. p.s. your blog is cute. i added it to my blog list. hope that's okay?

  9. u are adorable. ur dress is beautiful. and ur boys are super yummy handsome. even that big one *wink*

    i've been looking for the perfect green dress myself. lemme know if you find a replacement!!

  10. love that dress! it's totally lucky :) and holy cow, could your family get any more adorable? love it!

  11. Your babies are mad adorable. Look at those goofy smiles! Soooo cute ^___^ You look amazing for being a mother of two! (Plus what a sweet, romantic story!)

  12. I want a magic dress like that! I just came across your blog and just kept going through the older posts because I think it's great. And also, hopefully this doesn't sound creepy-ish, but you are like one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen. Seriously! Anyways, I love your blog. I'm adding you to my blog list. :)

  13. Oh and I think the dress was served it's purpose--to get you your husband and to get you these great family pictures!--and then it was done. It had a good life :)

  14. First off--you are adorable!
    Secondly--your story gave me chills.
    Thirdly--Your family is so cute.
    and Fourthly--I love green, too! I say you are super lucky ;)

    Find your inner Sassy Classy

  15. *sniff* that's so... cute!

    lol. Cute story, cute dress, and of course - cute boys!! I watched "Up" today and the kid Russell reminded me of your little Harper.

    Lucky dress!


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