Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wedding Ensemble Fail

I'm sorry I haven't posted in forever. My next post was supposed to be about Children's Fashion's, but my models have been puking all over the place.

And what's really been consuming my thoughts is my dear cousin, Adam. He's been on life support and passed away yesterday.

For now, I'm trying to keep my mind off of the sadness. So...

I've been looking through my wedding pictures, and I hate the way I look. Seriously, I'm hideous. We were in a car accident on the way to the temple, and my jewelry flew out only to be run over on the highway. Even my shoes were run over, but by golly, they held up, so I wore them with scrapes and tire marks anyway. So, I'm wearing no jewelry and busted up shoes. I want to burn my dress, and actually did burn the veil, but that was an accident.

I spend a lot of time thinking about this, and if I could do it over again, here's what I would be wearing:

This headpiece is stunning.
I love the simplicity of this dress, and I may just have to get the necklace.
I'm so into these little handcrafted flowers. I really need to figure out how to make them. 
Craft day, anyone?

headpiece. necklace. dress. shoes.

P.S. I just found a tutorial for these awesome flowers! I love the internet.
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  1. Um, that ensemble you put together is amazing. But I beg to differ with you... you made a gorgeous bride! Come one, did you really expect me or anyone to say otherwise? ;) You can time from the huge smile on your face that even in the craziness of that day, you're excited to be married.

    But I totally get what you mean. I look back all the time and think about little parts of my ensemble I would have done differently as well. I think we all do it :)

  2. I don't really like veils...I like the small 30's style blushers that just come over the eyes or the one side of the face...and with that head piece! OMGOSH!!! I'm saving that picture and if I ever get married i'm wearing that!

  3. i'm sorry for all the craziness going on. i hope you feel mentally better soon!
    i have to say this is a good wedding story though. i love that you burned your veil...on accident. love you "if you could do it again" wedding look. i wasn't a huge fan of my stuff either...the only reason i even kept my dress is to make a white after baptism dress for my daughter(s) to wear. that's right, i'll get to shred it all up! :)

  4. oh, honey. you do NOT look "hideous" i honestly think you look stunning! you know, the choices that you WOULD make now are all beautiful, but what you wore on your wedding day is simple and timeless--it's beautiful.
    this was my serious dilemma when i was dress shopping. i wanted something that was stylish. but at the end of the day, i went with something that was simple and classic. and two years later, i'm so glad i did! hopefully five years, ten years from now, i will still think the same.

    i do have lots of regrets though. like forgetting my beautiful shoes at home. i paid more on the shoes than my custom made dress. ridiculous? mm. i know. so, i ended up wearing my luncheon shoes! ha. and it was leopard. wtf? i'm so crazy. people thought i actual planned to weae with my dress. oh, no. i did NOT want to wear my leopard heels with my classic lace dress. i mean, who in the right mind would do that? that's criminal against human nature. oh, and another regret; my hair stylist flaking out. i couldn't have my hair up the way i wanted. i'm still so sad about this!
    but oh, well... what can ya do!? at least we got married in a beautiful temple!

    wow. i just wrote a novel.

  5. That face does NOT look like a post-accident look. You're incredible cuteness makes you immune to disasters even on your wedding day!

  6. if you take fabric and hold it the edges close to a flame, the corners should shrink up and form the flower shape. cut lots of different sizes of circles and then hot glue gun them together


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