Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{ tutorial } from old t-shirts to a cute ringlet scarf

This scarf is so easy, you can have it finished by the end of nap time.
Now that's my kinda craft.
First, gather three old t-shirts or any cotton stretchy tees. I used my old maternity tops.

Cut the hem off next and put it aside. You'll be using it to connect the rings later. 
Next, cut ten 3/4 inch strips from each shirt.

 Stretch them out.
 And wrap them around your hand.
 Then you should have 30 rings that look like this.
Cut the hemlines into five inch strips and use them to tie off the ringlets.
There you go.
You have a pretty sweet scarf now and can consider yourself eco-friendly. 
*Please ignore my wrinkles/under eye bags/muffin top. 

I would love to see yours! Email pics to:
Original idea from this cute little blog.

{ posted by kali }


  1. K- first of all, you don't have wrinkles, under eye bags, or muffin top! You look Fabulous! Second- Love the scarf! Does it take a long time to stretch out the strips? Do you also need to stretch out the hem piece that you are tying it with?

  2. Wow!!!! Your so clever!!!! Love this idea!!!! I'll have to try it out with my nieces. They will love it. I'll post pics of it.

  3. Wow...I had no idea you could do this...who woulda thunk it?!

  4. What an amazing idea!!! And it looks great! :)

    P.S: I'm having an "I {heart} MY BLOG" giveaway which I bet you'd love! :D

  5. that is so absolutely completely beautiful! I love the colors!

  6. DARLING! I love using my old maternity tops for projects :)

  7. oh my word!
    when i saw the comment, i was like... "righteous republic...?"
    but then i saw your pretty face as soon as i clicked on the link to your blog!
    you are so darling. i love how you make time to be creative with two little chitlins!

  8. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing amazing ideas.. I'm going to DI and I'm going to try it out :)


  9. So cute and creative!! And it looks super easy, too! Who knew?

  10. That is SO cute! Love it, thanks for sharing! I'll probably make one this weekend haha ;)
    P.S. I gave you an award! Come see! :D

  11. whatEVER!!! awesome idea, and it's adorable. off to find me some old tees...

  12. I love finding cute mormon blogs! I'm a mormon first grade teacher in northern Utah. I just made one of these scarves and was trying to figure out how to wear it. So glad I found your picture! You should keep blogging (I noticed there was nothing new since 2011) you have some great stuff.



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