Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Free Clothes?!

This is my beautiful friend, Roberta. 
I swear, we knew each other in the pre existence. 
she's so awesome, she found this super cute green blazer at the thrift store and bought it for me!
Real friends thrift for friends. 
And, my momma gave me these hooch boots. 
I can never resist a hand-me-down.
Especially, when they're this hoochiliscious. 
Tip of the day:
When your Mormon, and wanna look a little secksy, just put on some scandalous shoes.
Thanks, Mom!

striped shirt | target
blazer | thrifted
scarf | husband's
jeans | american eagle
boots | hand me downs


  1. How do you get all of the luck? You are HAWT and have great style!!

  2. Cute boots! And the blazer is so you!

  3. <3 it! <3 the boots! and <3 the green! great choice Roberta!! <3 you girls! :)

  4. You are adorable, you tell us how to get the clothes, now how do we get a cute little body like you? haha!


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