Monday, February 28, 2011

We met at the Singles Ward...

Andrea [anne-dray-uh] and Kali [kay-lee]

 Wanna know a cool story about the posters on this blog? 
We met at the Singles Ward... sounds like a love story. Okay, it is.
We became great friends right off the bat, took concert trips to San Francisco, stayed up late with ice cream and disney movies, even road tripped to Mexico. Yeah, we're crazy.
We talked about boys, about our dreams, and about living right next door to each other with our husbands, having babies at the same time, and pushing jogger strollers side-by-side to the playground.

Then, I got married. Then, she got married and moved far, far away. 20 minutes! Life happened, and we didn't hang out so much.

But, we did manage to have our babies on the same exact day! 

And, guess what! Andrea and I recently moved into the same ward. AND, we were both called to Young Women's. It has been so much fun to work with her in there and to see our little guys playing together in nursery.

I'm so happy to be doing this blog with her. She's so funny and stylish. Stay tuned and watch for her posts. (I've threatened her for not posting enough, so she's rededicated). ;)

Here's what we wore to church yesterday:
(we did not plan to be matchy-match)
Andrea's wearing:
shirtdress | the limited $50
shoes | gianni bini $45
Kali's wearing:
shirt | forever21 $10
skirt | express $20
shoes | target $12
posted by Kali


  1. haha great story! love both outfits!!!!!!! :)

    I'm having a giveaway!! Cardigans and Cookie Dough

  2. Oh my goodness! Babies on the same day! I can't believe it!

  3. Wow, that's crazy! And how much fun that y'all are now in the same ward!

    Erin and I did a study abroad together about a year before she met Chance. She's so sweet and I bet her sister is too. Like you said, small world!

    North Meets South

  4. babies on the same day? wow! that's amazing! i'm roberta's sister, she introduced me to your blog! very cute!

  5. that is such a great story, you two sounds like you'll be friends for life. Love it.

  6. what an amazing story!! i love it!
    you guys both look awesome, i'm a sucker for gray and black , it's mostly what i wear, hahaha! i'm trying to branch out and be more colorful!!
    you rocked the red lip quite well, missy!


  7. i love a good love story. :) seriously, college friends are eternal. i think it says that in psalms somewhere...
    love the outfits! both!

  8. Kali, I liked that u called my boots hooch's better than my hubby calling them slut boots. Ahahaha!!


  9. and you were both even more stunning in person! :)

  10. there's a little green monster of jealous coming out of me, but *sniff*sniff* this is soooo cute! my best friend and i planned the same thing, but NONE of it happened. 

    my favorite part is the babies born on the same day! so i get to see cute little boys in nursery every sunday!!! :D 


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