Saturday, March 5, 2011

Flower Necklace

 I've been wanting to make a flower necklace for awhile now. 
I have one from Forever21 that I wear all too often, so it was time to change it up.
Andrea and I gathered supplies and were ready to get crafting.
Our boys had other ideas in mind.
They tore into our supplies, climbed on the table, fell off the table, bawled their cute little eyes out, and just plain drove us crazy.

So... we packed up the jogger stroller and monkey leash 
and took them to the park, hoping to wear them out.

(someone asked if they were triplets...we said yes)

Andrea's poor guy was teething, so she took him home.
My little guys actually, for once in my life, fell asleep at the same time.
So, I worked my little fingers as fast as I could to finish this little beauty.
 We will be making more because obviously poor Dre didn't get to finish hers. 
So, tutorial to come soon. :)
Really, my kids cannot leave me alone for a second. 
Hence, the random little arm in this pic. 
Ahh, I love them.

necklace | made
shirt | h&m $5
undershirt | bloom $5
sweater | forever21 $12
jeans | american eagle $40
shoes | target $24


  1. Okay, I'm growing my hair out long... I'm gonna copy your makeup and style. I'm gonna get a grey cardigan, and shoes like you. But since I can't copy your style completely, I know I can atleast make myself a necklace like this. That will help make me feel cute a sassy! I love that you get all dressed up on a daily basis. That's my new goal that I've started doing now too. =)

  2. oh, his little arm in that picture is precious. you are so crafty, if i tried to make that necklace or a tshirt scarf im sure it wouldnt turn out as cute. i will have to give it a try though, one of these days.

  3. I want one!!! please lets do this at a crafternoon sometime.

  4. i love that you said they were triplets. presh! this necklace also rocks. a lot. PS: you're both so styling, you're officially invited to link up here: if you want to, i mean ... ;)

  5. Soo cute!!!! I need to hang out with you and andrea when I get back to Lodi! Is that cool? Haha

  6. I WANT ONE!!! cant wait for the tutorial!

  7. very pretty necklace! and i Love that little hand holding onto his mommy's hand in the last picture!


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