Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thoughts on Revenge

Yesterday, a friend and I took our kids outlet shopping. 
2 one year olds, one 2 year old, and a four year old.
Landon found a table full of nicely folded lace panties at Maurice's, 
picked them up and threw them everywhere. 
It was awesome.
And by that I mean awesomely embarrassing. 
It took about 10 minutes to have him help me fold each one, and put it back on the table.
That's not the most embarrassing part of the day though. 
Oh, no no.
My friend dared me to go down the slide with Harper.
 I can't resist a dare, even if it does involve going down a large yellow tube slide that smells like urine. 
Off I went, mistakenly leaving my iphone behind.
Afterwards, she kindly carried my purse to the car for me, which I thought was odd because we have the same number of kids, and then she left it in the trunk, which should have raised another red flag.
I got home, put the boys down for naps, checked facebook, and had about a million congratulatory messages, under my status which read:
"Number three is on the way."
I'm NOT pregnant!
Then I checked my phone. 
Missed phone calls, confused text messages.
Even my husband called asking,
"Is it true? How could that be possible...?
I quickly started damage control.
And then, began to plot revenge.
Too bad housework and taking care of kids got in the way of that, because before I knew it, 
it was almost 7:00 and time to get ready for Tuesday Night Scripture Class.
We discussed the Mosaic law:
an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
I glared at my "friend" sitting next to me.
"Just know whatever you do to me, I'll do ten times worse to you, " she whispered.
Then we discussed the Celestial Law. 
Have compassion on their perishing soul... ;]
Turn the other cheek.

what to do, my friends? 
What to do?

shirt | hand me down
skirt | express
shoes | target


  1. If you want to start a friendly prank war to eat away at your boredom, get creative. If it really bothered you and you got upset, just know that whatever she does, the universe will bring back upon her ten times worse.

  2. Kali, let time pass and then get her back when she's not expecting it... muahaha!

  3. you wait for your moment for me. i totally believe in what does around comes around! ;)

  4. Love the red lips, and love the red shoes!

    All the comments on your fb were too funny! Crazy prank... although, you always said you wanted like 9 babies? So you better get work'n on that one... kidding! :)

  5. You don't look old enough to have two kids! You are so cute, love the red lipstick and your shirt!

  6. Wow, your red lips are amazing! What do you use?

    As for revenge, you might want to be careful of what your son will do in revenge to you for making him fold all those panties, haha!

    North Meets South

  7. haha. i can't believe she did that! i love your top. and your red lips look fabulous!


  8. I don't think she planned what she did...the moment was there and she took me'll find your moment!

    ps....LOVE THE TOP!

  9. Ahahahahaha....that stinks but is HILARIOUS for those of us on the outside.

    I just had to tell you I've spent way too much time poking around your blog (and not doing laundry). You are just adorable, I love your style, and I have an almost 2 year old Landon too! I'm so glad I found you!


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