Friday, November 19, 2010

Top Knot

The top knot has been spotted all over Fall runways and sitting gorgeously atop celeb heads. About a week ago, I thought maybe I'd try it out. I came out of the powder room after about 239,047 hours, and asked my husband what he thought. We don't have to worry about Anthony lying, even for the sake of feelings. He'll always tell it to you straight. 

"You look weird."

Thanks babe, I really do appreciate the honesty. And there went the bun.
 Bare in mind, I suck at hair. I can do makeup, I can do fashion, but I'm the girl who blow dries and straightens her hair day after day, because you can't go too wrong with that. It's safe. 
But what if I don't want to be safe anymore? Isn't that what fashion is all about? Pushing boundaries? 

So, today after watching Sydney's tutorial on her blog, Daybook, I decided to give it a go. My bun turned out much better this time around, and it only took like five minutes. Thank you, Sydney.
What do you think? 
Does it look like I have two heads?
Could I wear it in public? 
Or should I just stick to feeling this glamourous while washing the dishes?
Posted by Kali


  1. Girl you pull that off perfectly! I love it!! Love your cute bangs!!

  2. i think it looks fabulous! and i'm totally jealous of your necklace... that is seriously so cute it's blowing my mind!

  3. I like the bun, just push your bangs to one side of your face :)

  4. Samantha- I can't. I have a MAJOR breakout on my fivehead this week. Hopefully it clears up by next Saturday for family pictures. Ugh.

  5. It looks gorgeous! :) I wish I could pull that off.

  6. I think it looks beautiful on you!!

  7. Looks good, esp with your bangs! I thought Sydney of the Daybook did a really good video.

  8. Her tutorial was great. Your bun looks so good! I can't wait until my hair grows out so I can try it!


  9. I love this hair style and I am seeing it everywhere! I wish my hair was longer so I could try it out myself. I guess for now I'll just live vicariously through you and your cute bun!


  10. SO CUTE! Do you read the daybook? She does a little tutorial about how she does it. I love that you are a mormon fashionista too :)


  11. i totally wore this the other day and i definitely got some weird looks but my husband just looked at it and then kept talking, he said he figured it was "something to do with fashion" and just didn't comment at all! So funny! But I felt more fashion forward and stylish the whole day...and my head was sore at the end of the day! ;)

  12. Have I told you I have a MAJOR girl crush on Sydney, thanks to you. She is absolutely DARLING! and I find myself trying to dress a little like her on most days :)

  13. you definitely pull that off...adorable!

    I just found your blog, excited to read!


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