Friday, November 12, 2010

What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

What to wear on this special day depends on how casual or dressy your family's get togethers typically are. Please note, I did not include skinny jeans in either of these looks, or jeans at all for that matter. I don't care how great you look in your jeans on Thanksgiving morning, you will not look cute at 6pm when they're unzipped and your muffin top is exposed. 
This dress is oh-so-comfy. Trust me, I bought one in an alternate color just yesterday. But I love, love this color because you can wear mustard tights with it! And, mustard is so hot right now. 
I love yoga pants. I wish I could wear them everyday. Paired with one of these cute striped sweaters, you can be super comfy, and still look amazing for all those family photos that will inevitably be taken.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and remember... Stay fabulous!
Posted by Kali


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