Monday, October 18, 2010

Vintage Inspired Modcloth Dress- $53.00

Audrey by Kali Matthews featuring a mod dress
Padlock Satchel
$32 -
Tote bags »

I love vintage. 
I love Audrey. 
I LOVE this dress. 
And for $53.00, it's a steal. 
Posted by Kali


  1. Hi Kali and Andrea,

    What a fantastic idea for a blog. Definitely something we should see more of. Wanted to stop in and let you know how much ModCloth appreciates being featured on your blog.

    Thanks for keeping it classy,
    Elisa at ModCloth

  2. I like the logo!

  3. So excited for this!!!! I will be stopping by for ideas...ALWAYS!

  4. No, no, ModCloth, thank YOU! Thank you for commenting on our blog (way cool), and thank you for stocking modest clothing that we love!

    Mom, Sam, and Hols, thanks for your readership and support. Please, visit often. :)

  5. That is so beautiful! I've been looking for modest and pretty dresses lately.

    I love your blog! It's great to see more modest fashion blogs. =]



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