Friday, October 22, 2010

Runways are Saying Goodbye to the Micro Mini...

...and hello to the Maxi. Designers have gone long for both day and night, turning out demure yet dramatic skirts that skim the upper shins (Marc Jacobs at both his own label and Louis Vuitton), graze the ankles (Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren), or fall gracefully somewhere in between. 

These longer length dresses and skirts are commonly known as "Maxis". Maxi is short for maximum length, and I would say maximum comfort. The best part is, you can find them everywhere, from Target and Old Navy to Anthro and Urban Outfitters. I have chosen three of my faves from our beloved Forever 21, keeping it classy and keeping it cheap. Because let's face it, keeping our pennies is a must these days.

The Long View
Tiered Maxi Skirt- $17.80
Lounge Wear Maxi Skirt- $11.80
Lace Maxi Skirt- $19.90
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